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Ben Blane, Personal Trainer

Ben has been interested in health and fitness all his life; taking part in the football and athletics teams at school. After completing his level 3 personal training qualification Ben’s focus shifted towards Functional Based Training.

Movement is at the core of Ben’s training. He believes that efficient and controlled movements will serve you for the rest of your life. His passion lies in getting people to realise the importance of longevity when it comes to training.

“Train for the body you want in forty, fifty years’ time – adopt that mind set and you’ll’ enjoy your current training so much more”.

Ben is certified in many different HIIT styles of training, as well as the internationally recognised Animal Based style of ZUU Training. The human body is the most agile and adaptable on the planet, and we should embrace these natural movements that our body can do. That’s what led Ben to Chilli Pilates. He wanted to push his knowledge and skill set to another level when it comes to movement, and Chilli Pilates is the perfect place for him to do so.


Julien Hofmann, Personal Trainer

Being of help, of service to others has always been a priority for Julien, whether in his personal or professional life. After looking for that kind of accomplishment in different trades, he finally came to the conclusion that he should follow his oldest passion: Physical activity.

Looking for the best training and certifications available, Julien spent six months of intense learning in Florida at the National Personal Training Institute and obtained a personal training certification through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). Since then, he never looked back and never stopped improving his skills and knowledge.

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Fil Poeira, Personal Trainer

Sporting involvement and excellence has been and continues to be an integral part of Fil’s life, which has been enhanced from Fil’s pursuit within academia which is highlighted by his Degrees in Sport and Exercise Science, and recent publications.

Fil’s career began as a sport scientist and sports nutritionist primarily working within elite sport and for Lucozade. Fil’s experience has enabled him to work with a variety of clients within health, fitness and sporting professionals, all of which has been highly rewarding bringing goals into reality.

Fil, is a qualified reformer pilates instructor at Chilli Pilates, combining his current and newly attained qualifications to enhance his career. Fil continues to attend conferences and courses to facilitate up-to-date knowledge and techniques, which are evidently transferred into improving his classes, consultations and 1 to 1 sessions.


Siobhan Tracey, Personal Trainer

Siobhan has personally felt the physical and mental benefits of changing her lifestyle and taking care of herself, and it was this personal transformation that inspired her to move to a career in personal training so that she could help others feel the same amazing benefits. Siobhan understands that starting a new exercise programme can be scary for some, so is always on hand to encourage, motivate and offer guidance to help you reach your goals.

As a personal trainer Siobhan specialises in weight loss, pre and post natal exercise and nutrition and building lean muscle.

Siobhan always likes to ensure her sessions are fun and varied and likes to incorporate a mix of training styles including HIIT, circuits, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises.Becoming a pilates instructor at Chilli has given Siobhan more understanding of how the body moves which she can incorporate into her classes and 1 to 1 sessions for a safe, effective workout at any fitness level. This is a dream job for Siobhan as she gets to feed her passion for helping others to become healthier and fitter and finds it incredibly rewarding to be a part of peoples journeys.


Ian Rossiter, Personal Trainer

From a young age Ian was always Interested in martial arts and after getting his first black belt, he knew the best place to further my knowledge was study in China, so in 2005 Ian travelled to Beijing to and then on to the Shaolin Temple to study martial arts.

He then studied further into different massage disciplines but knew that strengthening the body would prevent as much soreness, this lead him to personal training. After training clients for a few years Ian realised that the mind was one thing that was missing, so he studied the mind, with psychology, counselling and psychotherapy. Ian likes to see the body as a whole picture and this allows me to help a client on many different levels but this by no means will be the end to his studies and Chilli Pilates is helping him greatly with this.


Abbey Hope-Evans, Personal Trainer

Abbey from a young age has always been interested in fitness, playing a number of different sports through school focusing on Netball and playing competitively for Surrey. At college she studied a National Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science to a distinction level for 2 years. Abbey then began her fitness career working as a personal trainer at The Runnymede On Thames before joining the Chilli Pilates team.

Abbey is passionate about health and fitness and thoroughly enjoys helping people achieve their goals. Abbey strives to make her classes’ enjoyable, motivating and hard work and she is always looking to expand her knowledge further to be the best instructor she can be in her classes and for her clients.

"She could see where I was strong, but also see where I could develop."

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