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James Graham


Ali Asid



James Graham, Sports Massage Therapist

James is a confident, personable individual who has a passion for improving posture, technique and reducing injury. Playing rugby from a young age highlighted the role of injury rehabilitation and seeing first hand its effectiveness drove James’s focus towards helping those that were injured.

James completed his Sport Rehabilitation degree from The University of Hull where he honed his skills in sports massage, manual therapy, injury assessment and rehabilitation. After experiencing pilates for the first time, the benefits were clear to James and how they could be implemented into a healthy lifestyle, improving well being. With a friendly, professional manner you can be sure that each class will be fun, sociable and focus on getting the best out of each member.

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Ali Asid, Sports Massage Therapist

Sports and fitness have been a major part of my life since childhood. I have been boxing and training in martial arts from a young age and love the transformation it has on the body and the discipline it instills in you. I studied Sports Therapy at the University of Bedfordshire where I developed a passion for deep tissue and sports massage as well as posture assessments, human anatomy and how the body functions.

Once completing my BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy I decided to work as a lecturer at a local college. This is where I taught units such as sports massage and advanced soft tissue techniques. I completed my PGCE (Professional Graduate Certificate in Education) in 2018 with the University of Bedfordshire. I have had two prolapsed discs in my lower back which have caused me issues for the past 5 years so decided to strengthen my lower back with Pilates. I have seen the effects and benefits Pilates has had on my body and how it has helped strengthen and improve my lower back. This has developed my love and passion for teaching reformer classes.

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