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Shannon Tella


Ross Hurst


Siobhan Tracey


Ben Blane


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Steve Fisher, Personal Trainer

Steve can design a fitness programme specifically tailored for you which will help you achieve your goals whether they are to build on and maintain your existing fitness level or simply to start exercising for the first time. He will select the right types of exercise then guide and motivate you through a variety of disciplines that will help you achieve your goals whether they be weight loss, fitness, injury recovery or postural correction.

Understanding that starting exercise after a break or for the first time can be daunting, Steve will guide, support and encourage you to achieve your goals.

"He's very empathetic, but he'll still work you"

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Shannon Tella, Personal Trainer

Shannon is a enthusiastic individual who has a passion for all things Sport and Fitness related. From a young age she has been involved in competitive sports like Athletics, Hockey, Horse Riding and Dance. Shannon is from a Professional Dance background and incorporates the flexibility and strength training skills, she has acquired, with her clients. She also specialises in weight loss and body transformations. Becoming a Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher was a dream career for her, as she uses her expertise and passion to guide people on their journey’s to achieve their health and fitness goals.


Ross Hurst, Personal Trainer

Ross seized every opportunity to take part in sport in school and carried his passion to University, graduating with a BSc in Sports Coaching. After University Ross qualified as a Personal Trainer prior to joining Chilli Pilates and has continued to develop his expertise and qualifications. He has a very down to earth personality and puts his clients at ease from the outset. He takes pride in helping clients meet their own goals and strives to make sessions fun, taking the time to share his knowledge and explain the rationale for the training programme he has chosen for them.


Siobhan Tracey, Personal Trainer

Siobhan has personally felt the physical and mental benefits of changing her lifestyle and taking care of herself, and it was this personal transformation that inspired her to move to a career in personal training so that she could help others feel the same amazing benefits. Siobhan understands that starting a new exercise programme can be scary for some, so is always on hand to encourage, motivate and offer guidance to help you reach your goals.

As a personal trainer Siobhan specialises in weight loss, pre and post natal exercise and nutrition and building lean muscle. Siobhan always likes to ensure her sessions are fun and varied and likes to incorporate a mix of training styles including HIIT, circuits, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises.Becoming a pilates instructor at Chilli has given Siobhan more understanding of how the body moves which she can incorporate into her classes and 1 to 1 sessions for a safe, effective workout at any fitness level. This is a dream job for Siobhan as she gets to feed her passion for helping others to become healthier and fitter and finds it incredibly rewarding to be a part of peoples journeys.


Ben Blane, Personal Trainer

Ben has been interested in health and fitness all his life; taking part in the football and athletics teams at school. After completing his level 3 personal training qualification Ben’s focus shifted towards Functional Based Training.

Movement is at the core of Ben’s training. He believes that efficient and controlled movements will serve you for the rest of your life. His passion lies in getting people to realise the importance of longevity when it comes to training.

“Train for the body you want in forty, fifty years’ time – adopt that mind set and you’ll’ enjoy your current training so much more”.

Ben is certified in many different HIIT styles of training, as well as the internationally recognised Animal Based style of ZUU Training. The human body is the most agile and adaptable on the planet, and we should embrace these natural movements that our body can do. That’s what led Ben to Chilli Pilates. He wanted to push his knowledge and skill set to another level when it comes to movement, and Chilli Pilates is the perfect place for him to do so.


James McRobert, Personal Trainer

James is a fun, friendly, energetic and passionate individual who is an advanced level 3 Personal Trainer. He’s been working professionally since 2011.

James gained his level 2 & 3 qualifications through Barnfield College with his fast track 1 year course. He has the YMCA equivalent for nutrition & weight management, fitness testing, anatomy & physiology, fitness instruction, personal training, circuits and training in different environments.

He has a strong background in the hospitality and leisure industry after working for the prestigious, Elite Hotels, five star Luton Hoo Hotel Golf & Spa based in Bedfordshire. James spent four years assisting on the smooth running of the hotels leisure facilities, including the pools and gymnasium. He would offer his personal training, healthy living advice & exceptional service to members and residents. His passion for helping people is natural & infectious.

After James returned from travelling the world for 5 months, he found his way to Chilli Pilates where he instantly fell in love with reformer Pilates and the companies dynamic & unique approach to helping people achieve their goals. James always strives to keep improving professionally & personally.