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Verity Rosehill


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Verity Rosehill, Sports Therapist

Verity has always had a keen interest in sport from a young age. A sports injury requiring rehabilitation encouraged her to study Sports Therapy at Birmingham University. This gave Verity varied experience in treating sports injuries on and off the pitch as well as within a clinical setting. Verity continuously strives to develop professionally and expand her knowledge and expertise. Her passion for this career has led her to Chilli Pilates; here she knows that she will be able to improve the physical well-being of others. Verity is so excited to continue practising Sports Therapy as well as this new venture of becoming a Pilates instructor.


Olaf Heritage, Sports Massage Therapist

Olafs keen interest within sports and exercise followed him all the way through school to university, however suffering with injuries along the way and attending therapy sessions on a regular basis led him to develop a passion for the human body as well as injury treatment and prevention. A knee operation in his first year at the University of Gloucestershire enhanced this desire to help people get back to their full fitness as he understood the exact frustrations that injuries can bring. 

Upon completion of his degree in Sports Therapy, Olaf worked at AFC Bournemouth alongside the academy physiotherapist where he attended to many injuries and focused a lot of his attention on rehabilitation techniques. After one year at Bournemouth, Olaf decided to add a personal training element to his repertoire and completed his level 3 diploma in personal training, giving him the opportunity to take individuals from an injured state all the way to a fully fit, happy and committed, trained individual. 

In April 2017, Olaf took the chance of fulfilling his dream to travel south-east Asia, returning five months later to pursue his career in the sports and exercise industry. Chilli Pilates drew him in with the offer of training on the job, adding a completely fresh and new, yet very relevant skill to the mix, whilst providing ample personal training and therapy opportunities along the way. Reformer Pilates instantly interested him with its heavy focus on posture, strength and flexibility which, combined with regular training and possible therapy will lead to a much fitter, healthier and happier life.


Rachael Robb, Sports Massage Therapist

Rachael has always had a keen interest in, and had a passion for physical activity and sport from playing any sport she could at school and being on the University Netball team and being a nationally ranked swimmer to watching and attending various sporting events. Rachael took this interest further and recently qualified with a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Therapy. Using Pilates classes and 1 to 1 sessions she aims to help clients and members reach their goals, gain an understanding of the body and most importantly have fun through postural assessments injury rehabilitation and therapy techniques.


Bee Giles, Sports Rehab

Bee studied a Masters in Sports Therapy and a BSc in Physiology and Sports Science at The University of Leeds, meaning she is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the human body, how it moves, and how it can recover from injury.

Her friendly and caring nature means she is dedicated in helping people recover and rehab from any injury related problems, (and not just sports injuries!) She also has a diploma in Sports Massage, and therefore is able to collate this array of skills to really make a difference to the treatment she offers her clients.

Bee also loves how well Reformer Pilates compliments her therapy skills and is excited to combine these to help clients improve their health and reduce their pain.

Bee offers a range of services including Injury Rehabilitation, Manual Therapy Techniques, Sports Massage, Postural Assessments, and 1:1 Reformer Pilates sessions, to help you with your goals whether that is to improve your Pilates technique, reduce your pain, recover from injury, or improve your posture.

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