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Kendell Allen, Personal Trainer

Kendell has always loved to keep fit and healthy. Playing football from a young age, at an international and semiprofessional level has allowed him to keep in shape and have a good understanding of the human body. After being released from various football clubs due to constant injury, Kendell decided to enroll at St Mary University where he obtained his honors degree in Health, Exercise and physical activity and a REP’s level 3 personal training qualification. After university Kendell has worked with a number of professional athletes, helping them to recover from injury; effectively helping them to regain their strength and mobility. Kendell has also worked closely with a number of different clients helping to improve their quality of life. Kendell is always keen to learn and improve and Chilli Pilates has shown him that we are a company he can develop himself in, working closely with staff and members.


Glen Danbury, Personal Trainer

Passionate about sports and movement, Glen has spent the last twenty years working to become a better trainer and coach. Having studied for his undergraduate degree in sports science and completing his post graduate degree in human nutrition, Glen has gained a variety of training qualifications from institutions such as the american college of sports medicine and other providers to help assist him impart his knowledge to improve the wellbeing and function of his clients.

Pilates compliments Glens belief that movement offers both a protective and curative measure for many of life’s challenges. Getting the balance between strength and suppleness can go a long way in improving your life and wellbeing as well as changing how you look and feel.


Esther Shiells, Personal Trainer

Before Esther began her Chilli Pilates journey, she built up her career as a professional dancer.
Appearing on TV shows such as The Voice, Britain’s got talent, Saturday night take away & many more. Along the way Esther’s passions have expanded from understanding the body, to helping individuals to be more aware of there lifestyles, bodies and mindset.

Chilli Pilates is continuing to expand both Esther’s knowledge daily & sculpting her own body. Which are fantastic skills she is always excited to pass onto her clients. Esther specialises in flexibility, weight loss and technique. Along with her bubbly personality you’ll be sure to reach goals, improve technique yet have fun along the way.


Annalinn Olsen

Annalinn first came to England after deciding that she wanted to take her interest in exercise and health further by studying a Bachelor degree in Sports and Exercise Science. Annalinn has a background of playing handball at a semi-professional level in Norway and therefore has gained several years of knowledge of physical activity at a high intensity level, and specializes in resistance, strength and conditioning training.

After finishing her Bachelor degree she worked with several clients in Norway as well as teaching group classes. She also completed a Level 3 Personal Training course accredited by YMCA and decided that she wanted to learn more about Reformer Pilates as she knew the benefits of this type of exercise, this led her to Chilli Pilates.

Annalinn believes it is important to listen to her client’s needs and goals, and to make exercise fun and motivating to achieve them. She strives to help improve peoples’ health as well as helping with strengthening to avoid injuries.

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Anna Marie Smith

Anna has  10 years experience in the fitness industry in and around London and Hertfordshire. Her passion for new challenges in Athletics, Confidence building, Body Sculpting, Nutrition, Functional Strength and Movement inspired her to want to improve the lives of others by Training, Coaching, Educating and Motivating…

Whether your goals are Losing Weight, Building Lean Muscle, Training for events, improving fitness, mobility, rehabilitation or Wellbeing Anna has the knowledge, skills & experience to get you there!